SCR Services

  • Inventory / Yard Management
    • SCR serves as a Reel Return Center for customers in North America. Keeping in mind the vast geography, we are able to provide a low cost reel warehouse while offering repair and refurbishment services. SCR teams are also able to handle off site reel inventory management and project based services. These services can be customized with specific requirements to meet any reel project objectives. Backed by our in-house RIMS™ - Reel Inventory Management System, customers are able to get a real time update on their reels including location and condition of the reels.
  • Reel Return Program
    • SCR services include a reel return program - we will handle the entire logistics of bringing back reels from start to finish. Our teams are experienced in handling loads throughout North & South America. Combined with a fleet of national freight forwarders, shipping specialists and delivery agents we offer competitive reel return solutions. We also offer residual cable scrap management and disposal services.
  • Logistics and Distribution
    • Our group handles over 30,000 reels annually combined with ocean, rail and ground services. This expertise helps SCR adhere to tight project schedules and deadlines. Dedicated personnel for each account handle end to end coordination and communication. This specialized service helps customer focus on their core business activities.
  • Reel Repair & Disposal Assistance
    • For our contract accounts, SCR offers enhanced reel repair and disposal assistance. Our facilities and crew is enabled to handle reel repair, reel conversion and scrap management services. Competitive On-Demand Labor services are also offered for customers seeking temporary or project related services.