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Steel Cable Reels (SCR) - A Cabrol Group Company serves North & South America with a complete line of robust steel reels for wire and cable process and shipping applications. Our Steel reels are engineered for wire drawing, wire bunching and shipping applications. SCR Services is geared to handle Inventory Management & Logistics Services including: Reel Return Programs, Reel Tracking, Reel Repair & Reel Disposal.

Capabilities includes reel sizes from 4 feet to 18 feet meeting NEMA I & II Specifications, Western Electric & DIN Standards. Dedicated engineering and production teams specialize in custom reel construction with a focus on value engineering, logistics and bottom line cost impact.

We possess a fundamental commitment to superior cost-effective quality and service . To achieve this level of expertise and industry recognition, our management team consistently creates an environment of operational excellence through precicion engineering technology, professional approach and innovation. With a portfolio of industry leading clients globally, Cabrol Group aspires to provide value delivery.

In our effort to support reduce, reuse and recycle initiatives at energy companies, we have implemented a thoroughly planned Reel Recycle Program. After thorough analysis and customers inputs Steel Cable Reels assists cable companies with a combination of reel management, repair & disposal services. Our strategic and cost effective approach helps these companies recycle reels and optimize valuable resources. SCR also provides logistical and coordination services creating a turnkey solution for customers.

We express our sustainable philosophy based on the principles of growing green, using energy more efficiently, and by creating clean energy consumption where possible. Living well and giving back to the communities around us is also at the center of our business philosophy.

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